Logging & Lumber Insurance

Working with tress and timber is risky, and clients in the lumber industry need proper coverage to continue operations without a cut in income due to a claim.

Logging is hazardous work that requires sophisticated equipment and skilled personnel. If you have clients in the business of cutting, skidding, on-site processing, or loading of trees and logs onto trucks or skeleton cars, then they need Logging Insurance.

truck loaded with logs

What types of coverage do logging companies need?

Typically, a Logging Insurance policy will include some or all of the following coverages for loggers and lumberjacks:• General Liability

  • General Liability: Covers logging company from property damage or bodily injury claims from a third party. 
  • Workers Compensation: Covers logging company employees from accidents or injuries on the job. 
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Covers logging company vehicles from accidents and damage. 
  • Inland Marine Insurance: Covers logging company equipment when being transferred to job site. 
  • Truckers Liability Insurance: Covers logging company vehicles and drivers from accidents on third party property such as rest area or parking lot, as well as damage during loading or unloading cargo.
  • Commercial Property: Protects logging company's property and equipment from natural disaster or theft.
  • Commercial Umbrella: Added coverage to protect from costs that may go beyond other coverage amounts.