Insurance for Grocery Stores

Keep grocery stores protected from loss with proper insurance coverage designed around their business.

Grocery stores provide an invaluable service to their neighborhoods and communities; however, accidents are bound to happen. Falls from wet floors, a fender bender in the parking lot, a butcher cutting his or her hand - these are just a few of the incidents that can occur at a grocery store on any given day. Help clients who own grocery stores protect their valuable investment by exploring coverage to fit this unique market. 


Grocery Store Coverage

Clients in the grocery business should consider the following to protect their investment:

  • General Liability – Covers property damage and bodily injury from third party claimants.
  • Premises Liability – Similar to general liability, premises liability protects the store if someone is injured while on the business premises and carries more coverage than general liability.
  • Product Liability - Protects the grocery store if someone becomes sick from a product the store sells.
  • Commercial Auto - Covers grocery store owners and employees in the case of bodily injury when driving for work-related business, such as deliveries.
  • Cyber & Privacy Liability - Covers against claims of data breech when customer's personal information is compromised.
  • Liquor Liability - Protects from incidents involving alcohol, if the store sells alcohol.
  • Worker’s Comp - Protects grocery store employees if they become sick or injured in an accident on the job. This will pay for medical costs and lost wages.