Insurance for Golf Courses

Proper insurance coverage is a must to keep golf courses on par for success without a risk of loss of income.

Golf is the ultimate escape for many enthusiasts; however, risks do exist on the fairways and greens. Accidents can and unfortunately do happen, and you'll want to ensure your clients aren't handicapped from a costly lawsuit or claim with insurance coverage designed specifically for their unique needs.

golf clubs on fairway

What types of coverage do golf courses need?

Clients in the golfing industry need coverage beyond what a basic policy offers. Discuss with them the following:

  • General Liability: Covers property damage and bodily injury from third party claimants.
  • Worker's Compensation: Protects  employees if they become sick or injured in an accident on the job. This will pay for medical costs and lost wages.
  • Property: Covers the course from damage occurring from natural causes such as hail, or guests who cause damage.
  • Liquor Liability: Protects from incidents involving alcohol.
  • Commercial Auto: Covers damage and liability on the company's work related vehicles.